Thursday, February 05, 2015

Roadmap Genesis Review & Giveaway

As many of my friends and family know already, I am a student at Liberty University which is a Christian school. We have many classes that are all based upon the Bible and how our lives revolve around it. But we we don't have or know about is the book of Genesis. Many people consider it a song or a musical group, but Genesis is the first book in the Bible. It's the main reason of why we are here and it tells the story of in the beginning and more.

Filmmaker Nolan Lebovitz was born in Chicago and had a life long dream of becoming a filmmaker and moving the the sunny state of California primarily Hollywood. But what he didn't realize that in his success of being a great filmmaker, he became a father who looked at the world in a different light. He looked at the world and people in a different way and thought about what type of journey they would travel on to get to who they were and about who they are. The movie "Roadmap Genesis" is about the first book of the Bible, where everything began. It's where we read "In the beginning.." and it's where we learn about God and his powers that he has. It tells about our journey as a Christian and what we need to do to be able to follow him and Jesus. It's a roadmap and that is a powerful journey for us all to go on together.

This documentary is a wonderful movie to watch and to learn about God, Jesus and our journey as a Christian. It's a roadmap for our faith and we should take it more seriously. Yes, there are more and more people who shy away from Jesus but now we must take a look at who we are and who we want to become. The only way to do that is to start in the first chapter of the Holy Word and go from there. You won't be sorry!

I am lucky enough to be able to have a giveaway for this awesome movie! Enter Below (Open to all US Residents): a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a private viewing of "Roadmap Genesis" to be able to facilitate my review from Flyby Promotions. All opinions are my own and I did not receive any other compensation for this review.

New School Searching for Next Year!

With Olivia's education not doing what we thought it would be while in Public Schools but it's not. So we have decided to go check out a few new schools in hopes of finding one that will work best for Olivia. Tonight is open house at Faith Christian School in Rocky Mount and we will be going to check it out. We have never been there and I'm hoping I can find it easily since I have never known where it was in the first place, but if I can keep things going the way they are going with my job then I will be able to afford to send her to it. Another one we will check out is going to be New Life Christian Academy in Rocky Mount. Both are schools that have come highly recommended and they don't go off of the common core which is what we are looking for. Faith uses Bob Jones which is what we used last year for our homeschool and New Life uses Abeka. Either one I'm sure would work but I want to check both out to see what they are both like to see which one will work well for Olivia.

It's important to get her into the right school for her education!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Goodwill Finds

One thing that me and my best friend love to do together is go Goodwill shopping! We both love to find neat things, good clothes for the girls and our husbands and even ourselves. We find things for the home and even housewares. Sometimes we may stumble upon those things that we will even question!!! But in general we love to go thrift store shopping and getting items for our families. That didn't stop us this past weekend. While we were out of town we happened to find a goodwill store in the town we were at and we went in. We both were in a funk and decided to go shopping and why not thrift store shopping! Brings smiles to our faces.

While I didn't get any clothes for myself of Olivia I did find a pair of jeans for Jason for work. He is always in need of jeans and this was no exception either. He is a truck driver and he doesn't like taking his good jeans on the road with him praying he doesn't get grease or nasty gunk all over them. So I am always on the hunt for jeans and pants for him there. I miss Tonya living up here because we used to throw the kids in the car and head up to Raleigh and go shopping there. Lots of good memories there. But while I was in the store I did happen to come across a Starbucks Coffee Mug that looked very familiar. I grabbed it and put it in the cart. It's one of those "You are Here" Collection mugs and I found the Charlotte Mug which is perfect of course!! I also came across two Tupperware Small Eco Water Bottles for $1 each and new from Tupperware they are $6.50 each. So it's a steal for me.

I keep my eyes open all the time and I am super excited about it. :) Do you go thrift store shopping? What are some of the neat things you have found and gotten?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Enter to Win $250 in Event Tickets from Rukkus!

Are you looking for a great opportunity to win yourself $250 in Event Tickets from Rukkus? Rukkus is a live entertainment search engine that where you can search for live events such as concerts, sporting events and theater tickets. How awesome is that? I wish I had known about this search engine when I was looking for those awesome Brad Paisley Concert Tickets last year! Oh well, I know about it now! Or when we wanted to go see the Hurricanes play in Raleigh!

Well Rukkus is having a giveaway on their blog starting on February 2nd and ending on February 16th! All you have to do is head on over there by clicking here and seeing the rules. Basically all you have to do to enter is these few things:

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Good luck to everyone who may enter and hope you all have a great Thursday night! It's almost the weekend!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Specials on Cruise Line!

Right now, I have a pretty awesome special going on with Main Street Magic, LLC! Disney Cruise Line is offering to all those who book to Cruise in 2015, half off their deposit until February 15, 2015! I am super excited about this deal and am most likely going to take advantage of it myself as well with my family!

I would love to help you and your family create memories by booking a Disney Cruise Line Vacation with Main Street Magic, LLC! Contact me if you are interested at

Have a great Saturday!