Sunday, March 22, 2015

School is tough!

I know my blogging the past year has been horrible, but I have decided that I want to continue to blog. So I am going to make it a goal to blog at least 2 times a week on what is going on in our lives and so forth.

I am still in school and it has gotten harder since I am taking Macroeconomics and Business Law. I have to have these two classes to move on through my degree so here is to passing them both this 8 weeks. I have also signed up for another half marathon. It's for the Wine & Dine in November and I am super excited about this one. I am also considering doing the Dopey Challenge in January and then going to do the Princess Half Marathon as well in Feburary. I must be crazy but you know I really enjoy running! I am also getting back to running since the Half Marathon and had to take it easy due to my injury I had. I now have the OK to continue to run! Yay!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vitamin C Serum Review

I received this product as a review and I have to say that I loved it! I am very peculiar on what I use on my face and this was nothing out of the sorts for me. I was able to use it on my very sensitive skin and it not only helped my skin glow but it helped it look clearer.

I will say that this product might seem like it's a little more expensive then what I would normally pay but honestly for my skin to look great and not break out then it's something that I will continue to use. The Vitamin C has done great things for my skin and I am very grateful that I was able to review this product.

Hollywood Wax Museum in Myrtle Beach, SC

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Friday, March 13, 2015

The Plaza Restaurant at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Review

Dinner at The Plaza Restaurant
We had dinner reservations over at The Plaza Restaurant on Friday, February 20th and here is the review on the food and service.

Around 6:15-ish so we headed on over to The Plaza Restaurant to see if we could get seats before our ADR at 6:35pm. Before we got there I had to snap a quick shot of the Castle at Dusk!!! So pretty!!!


We then headed on over to The Plaza Restaurant and checked in. They made it known that we were early and there was no guarantee that they could get us in beforehand. By this time we were around 15 minutes early. We were handed a pager and told to go have a seat outside and we would be ready when the pager came started to buzz. I really wanted to come back with a smart butted answer to the girl but I bit my tongue and walked off with the pager. We got to people watch for a few minutes before not too much time had gone by of when the pager went off. I want to say about 5-10 minutes. People watching is always fun at Disney World! It's so funny to see what people are wearing or what they are saying. I do happen to do this while at Walmart too...I may add to the fun too at times!!! :rolleyes1

We handed over our pager and made our way inside. We were seated towards the back where all the windows are and the emergency door is. Great seat to watch the sun setting and to take random pictures of the this one. ​


So we got the menu and ordered our drinks. I ordered a Coke & Water (bad idea with the tasted horrible!) & Jason had a Coke!​


Menu shots!


When our waitress came back to take our order I ordered the Grilled Ruben and Jason ordered the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger. We patiently waited for our food and soon it had come up. The issue we had with our waitress is she would disappear for a good long while before ever bringing back our refills on our soft drinks. Ugh. I hate when this happens too! Irritates me and sometimes they will know because I will tell them.


My Ruben was amazing and when we come back in September with the family and our best friends we WILL be eating here again! Jason said that his burger was amazing too and he would definitely order it again! He said that my sandwich looked better though...I'm guessing it was the 'kraut! Next up we had dessert and we ordered something different so we could sample each others! I ordered the Banana Split and Jason ordered the Brownie Sundae. They both were huge and neither of us could finish either one! I felt kind of bad for wasting food but honestly I ate my entire sandwich and fries and I was stuffed by the time I took my 5th bite of the dessert. We asked for our check and left a tip. I really wanted to leave her a tip on how to not disappear and to bring back refills when you said you would bring them back. Instead I had to ask the manager for a refill because she never brought one to be and it had been a good 20 minutes. I was thirsting to death people! ​



Total cost for the meal was $52.66 and we left her a $6 tip. I would have left her more if she was more efficient in bringing me my refills in a timely manner! We thankfully didn't have to pay the $52.66 because we had the dining plan so we just left the tip for her on the magic bands instead. ​


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our Disney Side Party!!! Villian Style!

We have finally had part of our party last night! We had to kind of a rough February with sickness, snow, cancellation of school and so forth. Not fun at all!!! So with not being able to have our Disney Side Party when we had planned to was a little bummed but we finally had it and will be doing another small one this afternoon with my daughter and her best friend and her sister. It's going to be fun and while we had planned on doing the party while down in Wilmington this past weekend, we decided it would be more fun to have the party while they were here for a few days!

So yesterday I took out the fresh eggs, and made the cake batter. I have to say that this cake batter was super easy to make but if I had to do it again, I probably would make my own colors instead just using food coloring I have in the pantry. The Duff Goldman Cake Mix was really easy to use though and Olivia even enjoyed licking the bowl and spoons after we got finish mixing all of the colors together! Yes, even our dog, Yoda got in on the licking the bowls!!! I soon put the tie-dye cake batter into the Wilton Micky Cake Pan and placed it in the oven. Soon it was time to take the cake out of the oven and it was time to go ahead and get ready to decorate it. I was going to pipe the face on and everything but I honestly got lazy and didn't feel like it so instead I picked out the color pink icing and iced away. We used sprinkles galore all over the cake too...well last night we didn't but today we did. Haha.

Mixed all the colors!
Before putting in the oven
Baked Cake

Decorated cake...well sort of.

This past weekend we did use the nail polish and the one complaint that we had was that it clumped on our nails but no big deal, just add on the girls nails and voila it's perfect for them! I'm sure our drinks had something to do with user error there! Haha! 

So last night we had hot dogs along with salad and mac & cheese. Something really simple to make and since Olivia was helping make dinner she picked those easy items to make. We played some Bingo last night and of course I decided to try to use my camera on my phone and it was dead and I went looking for the other camera and I think my husband has it on the road with him. Then we played some trivia where Olivia was the winner again! She knows her movies and parks that's for sure! Next up we decided to play another game but Olivia started to get sleepy so it was off to bed for her! We cleaned up some but we still had more things to do, so that's when I decided to have another Party this afternoon with the girls! I have the cake all ready, we will cook a few snacks or make them, and then we will let the girls play with the Image Maker Bracelets, do more bingo, watch the Disney Travel Planning Guide and I am going to make some fresh Twinning s Tea! Should be nice and wonderful this afternoon since it's going to be raining most of the afternoon. Boo! But what a great rainy day afternoon activity and for more pictures to come!

I was sent a Full Size Sample of All Detergent Pods with OXI to do our laundry after the party and after just mixing together the colors yesterday for the cake we gave it a try! I will say that I love it and we will be using these in our laundry from now on. So much easier and would be easy to take while on vacation to Disney World! Especially when we go in September!!! The clothes look and smell amazing and I'm very impressed with this product!!! More to come on our second party later when we have it! This time I will be sure to charge my phone beforehand!!

Thank you to for giving us such a generous box this year! Can't wait for next year's party!!!