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Christmas is Coming!

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner now. I haven’t bought many gifts yet but I know that will all change here soon. Olivia originally wanted a swing set for the backyard but seeing how we have so many big pecan trees in the back yard I decided to ask her if it was just the swing she wanted and she said “yes!” So instead of getting her a swingset this year I think we might decide to do a tree swing and a round swing thing that she is requesting. If she had either one of those outside and outback she would be super happy. Plus I asked her what else she wanted and of course she wants lots of Littlest Pet Shops and she wants a lot of chapter books! I’m game for that! There are a few craft things she wants but no beads this year! I refuse to allow beads to come inside the house again unless they are big ones! I have been finding them for almost a year all over the house!

What is one big thing your child or children want? I want of course a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer but not sure if I will get one this year or not. It’s not a necessity in the house just a want. I also would love to get a dishwasher for the house but not sure if I would do that either since there is not one in the house now meaning we would lose some of our cabinet space for that. But it would make our lives a lot easier to have in the house!

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