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Smile Brilliant! LED Teeth Whitening Kit Review & Giveaway!


Are you self conscious about your smile? I know that I am because when I was a child, I was on high dosages of Anti-Seizure Medicines and all sorts of other medications that my teeth were damaged. I am now to this day afraid to smile because I’m afraid of what others might say about it. I never got my wisdom teeth in and I never had several adult teeth grow in because of the medications. So now I am really self conscious about my smile and probably will be until I die.

Do you ever wish your teeth were whiter than they are now? I sure do! I know that when I had braces on my teeth, I never did take as good care of them and didn’t avoid certain types of food which happened to stain my teeth. Then you add the amounts of soda I drank and now the coffee I drink doesn’t help any. There is a much simpler solution and cheaper too than heading to the dentist to have your teeth professionally whitened. Why not check out Smile Brilliant! for your teeth whitening help. I was sent an LED Teeth Whitening Kit to try out to share with you all. My teeth have been sensitive for years too and this product did not cause my teeth to hurt at all which surprised the heck out of me!

It was easy to use right out of the box and I have to say that it was easy to use no matter what. When I first received my package, I had to go ahead and check it out! I went ahead that evening after reading all of the material that it came with on how to use and tried it out myself. I got the LED light all set up, painted the gel onto my teeth except for the back ones since I’m sure no one can see them anyways, and put the tray into my mouth. Then I placed the LED light into my mouth and turned it on. Voila! It’s on and starts to whiten your teeth. I let it sit on my teeth for a good 25-30 minutes before removing the LED light and tray. I rinsed my mouth out with water and took a picture of my teeth. I did a before and after shot and while it might not look like an improvement to you, I can tell a big difference in my teeth!

The cost of this amazing product is only $39.95 but retails for $69.95! A $30 savings which is amazing compared to going to the dentist and paying well over $100 if not more depending on the dentist. I know I looked into it with my dentist and it was over $300 just to have them whiten my teeth and that was just a first of the many fees associated with what all they did. I don’t have the money to have that done nor do I have the time to do it either.

Here is your lucky chance to win one for yourself! Smile Brilliant! is giving away to one lucky reader their very own LED Teeth Whitening Kit! Please enter using the Rafflecopter below and the giveaway begins on 11/11/2013 at 12:00am EST and ends on 11/18/2013 at 12:00 am EST. Good Luck to all that enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway “I was sent a Smile Brilliant! LED Teeth Whitening Kit at no cost to me in return for an honest review of their product.”

18 Comments on “Smile Brilliant! LED Teeth Whitening Kit Review & Giveaway!

  1. i wish i had a more comforting smile…when you're uncomfortable w/ your smile, it makes a world of difference in public, in personal life, as well. blessings.

  2. i wish i had a more comforting smile…when you're uncomfortable w/ your smile, it makes a world of difference in public, in personal life, as well. blessings.

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