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Soccer Practice Has Begun!

Yesterday was Olivia’s first day of practice! She was so nervous about it being a new team, a new coach and yet there was still one of the players on her team from last year. She was excited to see that he was on the team with her and this year she has 2 more girls on the same team as her. That’s a big deal for her because she was the only girl on the team last year.

Last night it was a bitter cold sitting on the side of the field and to tell you the truth I should have brought a blanket with us. We did however get new chairs to sit on the side of the field and watch her practice and to take to the games. She will right now have to practice on Friday’s and Saturday’s until the games start. That is something different this year that they didn’t do last year. But honestly I felt like they should have practiced more than once last year but they will have games on Saturdays eventually! So that is a plus y’all! And we love having the Friday night practices as well.

The one thing that has also changed from last year is that we have lights on the soccer field! Last year when it would get dark out early or it would get dark at like 7:30 pm, we would just hope and pray the kids could see what they were doing. Thankfully we saw over the summer that Nash County Parks and Rec were putting them up on the fields! Yes! Finally! It’s been a long time coming for them to put them up! Olivia even told me that she enjoyed being able to see while on the field. Now to just wait until she gets her new glasses and she can be able to see a lot better!

I’m so glad that Olivia wanted to play soccer again! She has been wanting to play again even last fall but when we enrolled her into the private school, we didn’t want her to get too overwhelmed. And then when we pulled her out, it was too late to sign her up for the fall soccer. We did however get her all new equipment and last night she was able to keep up with the other kids on the field for running around the field which was a huge improvement guys! This season is going to be busy for our family, but well worth it to see Olivia play soccer again and enjoy her sport she loves so much!

We have enrolled Olivia into a Summer Soccer Camp and she can’t wait to play that. It’s for only half a day which is all that is available for us to take advantage of. But she seriously can’t wait for it to begin! I’m so glad that we have been able to find such great sports that Olivia loves!

Question for all of my readers? Does your child or children play a sport and what is it?

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