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Disney’s Pixar Movie: Coco

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of Coco courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures in order to help facilitate my review! All my opinions are 100% my own!

When we first heard that Disney Pixar was coming out with a new movie, our family was very excited! We couldn’t wait to see what they had come up with. Then when we were asked to review the movie, we were even more excited over getting to see it at home. Once we received the movie, we had a family movie night in the dining room. We decided to watch it while we ate Chinese food at the house.

This movie reminds me so much of the Temple at Disney’s Epcot at Walt Disney World. A lot of the movie has different skulls that remind me of what you can purchase inside the country Epcot for sure! The movie takes place in Mexico and is about a 12 year old boy, Miguel who wants to desperately be like one of his idols! He wants to sing and yet his family won’t allow him to sing at all! So Miguel set’s out on an adventure to be able to play on the Day of the Dead to be able to prove to his family that he can be a singer and yet still care about his family.

Through fresh and fascinating bonus material, adventurers of all ages will tag along with filmmakers as they soak in Día de los Muertos in Mexico; explore the essential role of music in “Coco;” and learn how the cast and crew personally connect with the film’s message. They’ll step behind the scenes to discover the inspiration behind the film’s creative costuming; Miguel’s beautifully complicated family; Dante the loyal Xolo dog; and the stunning worlds of both the dead and the living. Features also include deleted scenes, insightful filmmaker commentary, the music of Coco and more. And can I just say that Dante the loyal dog is a favorite of mine out of the movie! He’s so goofy and funny looking you can’t help but love him!

You can now find Coco at all major retailers or can purchase the movie online!

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