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February is here!

I can’t believe that it’s February already! It seems like the year has just begun and yet it’s flying by so quickly! Lot’s has happened in January and it’s hard to see what will happen in the month of February!

Actually, we have some good friends coming up to drop off their two girls with us while they go on a little getaway. I’m looking forward to having Olivia have two of her best friends up here and cooking a little more for dinner than usual. Normally I can get her daughter to eat what I cook so that will be good.

I have also stopped drinking sodas which has been a big piece of who I was. I was addicted to soda’s and I’m not gonna lie it was pretty bad. So thankful to have kicked that addiction to the curb sooner than later. I am now drinking water, diet orangeade and sometimes sweet tea. I feel better in the long run with not having that soda with me. I feel like I have more energy too which has been a bit of an issue with me. I know that I have tried and tried to not drink sodas in the past but this time I need for it to happen now. Jason still drinks them and I’m not gonna lie I had a little sip about a week in and just about spit it out. Tasted so bad to me.

Olivia’s school is going great and she is doing great on her tests and quizzes. I’m just happy that she is retaining everything that she learns now!

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