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Label Daddy Zipper Tag Review


This post is sponsored and we were given a $30 credit from LabelDaddy.com and USFG.com to be able to provide this honest review. All my opinions are 100% my own.

When Olivia was to begin school back in August, we were looking for tags that she could easily find her school bag along with her lunchbox and more. So we looked at getting her labels but realized she was a little too old for the labels since she was going into the 7th grade, so zipper tags is what she chose. No big deal especially for someone like Olivia who loves to hang things onto her bags, coats and more. She chose the design which she chose an emoji cat and her name on it. She loved it and loves them even more! The zipper tags come in a total of 10 which I felt was a little too much but that was just how I felt but let me tell you, Olivia has found a place for them all!

Label Daddy has some pretty amazing labels for just about everything. Let me say when they have thought about everything, I mean everything! They have labels for school, camp and even for adults y’all! I’m in love with the ones for camp but since Olivia didn’t go away to camp this year I didn’t have to worry about having to label everything including her clothing. I don’t think she will go to camp next summer either but I’m OK with that unless it’s a camp we heard about in the mountains for children with Autism. It looks like it would be the perfect camp for Olivia to not feel different in at all. And she will be treated just like any other child. But we are happy with the zipper tags that Olivia has and has them on her Nintendo DSI bag, Backpack, Lunch box, Pencil bag and more things. I’m so glad that she has found a place for each one. I think there is one on her two big coats for the winter too. Yep, she thought of where they should go already. I plan on getting the camp labels for if we send her to camp next summer and you should check out Label Daddy too! All my readers will receive 25% off their total order if they order by 9/30/17! Just use the code USFAMILY25 at checkout here.


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