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Monster Defense Brave Spray Review & Giveaway

Do you have a little one who is scared that they have monsters or other things living in the closet or under their bed? I do at times and sometimes I will admit that I think there are strange things living inside my closet too but have no fear because there is an awesome product that you have to try! It’s called “Monster Defense Brave Spray” and it has a nice light scent to it as well. Not only will it protect your child and get ride of those nasty monsters in the closets and under the bed but will help soothe your child to get to bed.

Of course we had to try it the first day we received the “Monster Defense Brave Spray” and Olivia told me that she was sure that the wierd creature was all over her room so we sprayed the room…and I mean the whole room. And if you aren’t sure as of how big her room is then here let me just show you.

And so yes…I meant the whole room. Well when we sprayed it she said that it smelled like oranges and she guessed right. But it also smells like Daddy’s French Toast too. It’s a nice scent that will help the children calm down and soothe some before they lay down to go to sleep…Monster Free!

This product is available online and can be purchased for $9.99! Plus Monster Defense Spray is coming out with a few new products soon!

*I was sent a free full sized Monster Defense Brave Spray to be able to write the review…but my opinions are my own. *

Now here is the fun part…Monster Defense Spray is offering to one lucky reader their own Monster Defense Brave Spray! Please go to the rafflecopter to enter in the giveaway!

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