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Multivitamin Review and Giveaway

Seeing how the new year is going to be upon us in just under a month, it’s that time for some to make those resolutions. Well one of my resolutions, isn’t about losing a ton of weight but it’s to get healthy and stay healthy in 2014! While I still need to lose about 40lbs to have some surgery and until then I won’t be able to have the surgery needed to have a baby. Kind of stinks but that’s alright. I however have made it a resolution to start taking multivitamins more and taking things like fish oil more often too. While I have to take fish oil now I don’t care for the taste of them. But the Multivitamins I have a difficult time remembering because I can’t take it within an hour of taking my Synthroid.

But if you are looking for a good multivitamin to take then why not check out and their Multivitamin! Their vitamins have a higher potency in it and it has more whole foods in it too. Bonus for me since there are a lot of foods I should eat rather than not eat. This is a perfect thing for me and my family! Personally one of their items is the Immune System Support and that is exactly what I need to stay healthy. I have been healthy since around May when I started taking the allergy medicine I needed but just to continue to stay healthy this would be a perfect boost for my immune system that seems to be low thanks to my Immune Disorder I have. Mercola has many different multivitamins to choose from too which is a bonus for most people. Also check out the product page for the multivitamins too! Very good information indeed!

Mercola is offering to one lucky reader a bottle of 240 tablets who lives in the US/Canada area. Please enter in the form below.

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