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5 Important Lessons I’ve taught Olivia…

Sometimes in being a parent there are always those important lessons that you should teach to your children. This discussion came up on one of my social media networks, Twittermoms that I thought I would share. I was asked what are 5 important lessons that your child should learn and so here is what I have:

1. I taught Olivia that she sould say Yes ma’m and no ma’m and Yes sir and No Sir to all adults. I told her that it is the polite thing to say and even though I sometimes have to remind her she understands that it is also showing respect to her elders.

2. Olivia has also been taught to look both ways when crossing the street because there are so many children out there who have never been taught that very important lesson. I have seen on many different occassions to where the child will run out in the street to either chase after the ball or something they have lost and they have been hit and killed by a car or any other moving object. I still want to have my child around for the rest of my life!

3. I taught Olivia that while she is online playing her games if there is something that she doesn’t recognize she should automatically come get me. I have seen where kids will click on things and it will eventually get to a very bad site for any child to see. She has learned the rules of the internet already and will continue to learn until she’s grown up.

4. I have taught Olivia to be polite to others even if she doesn’t care of the person. It’s never a nice thing to be mean to someone who is different than you. They want to be treated the same as if you want to be treated.

5. And the final thing that I have taught Olivia is that she must always be herself. Lying to others is not the way that the Lord would want her to do and so she can’t hide who she is. Even if she wanted to she must be happy and herself to be happy in life.

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