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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Getting Healthy & Fit in 2010!

I was asked the question of “What are my Top 5 New Year’s Resolution for getting healthy & fit in 2010?” through Twittermoms. It’s an awesome sweepstakes that I’m entering in so that I can hopefully win myself a copy of Your Shape for the Wii from Twittermoms and Ubisoft Entertainment. I’d love to win this because this year I am focused on getting healthy and fit for the rest of the year. Now onto the answers…

1. Eating Healthier and not eating too much junk food. (Meaning eating more fruits and veggies)

2. Drinking less soda’s and tea and drinking more water.

3. Trying to play less games online and watching TV and instead getting outside and enjoying the weather.

4. I want to try and workout more either indoors or outdoors. If it’s indoors it’s of course wanting to play a game on the wii and if it’s outdoors its either walking or enjoying the trampoline.

5. And last but not least I want to continue to be active with my daughter by playing soccer with her or getting back to dancing. (Dancing would be nice for me and enjoyable too!)

Those are my 5 things that I plan on doing for the New Year’s Resolutions. It’s just a resolution but losing over 60 lbs is my main goal and I know I can do it! With hardwork and preserverence (sp?) I can do it!!!

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