Some Tips for Getting Olivia to Stay in bed…

Lately for having a 5 year old who is very independent its sometimes hard to get her into bed at the same time every night and for her to also stay in her bed. But recently I’ve decided to try a few extra steps in getting her to stay there for a good long time and for the rest of the night. Here are the few steps that I get Olivia to bed on time and to sleep for the rest of the night:

Step 1: We make sure that all homework is completed before 8pm and that she’s had her dinner before 7:30pm.

Step 2: I always allow her to have some time to either watch TV or to play outside (when the weather is allowing.)

Step 3: I make sure that she’s brushed her teeth before getting into bed.

Step 4: Every other day we take a nice long relaxing bath before bed in some Johnson & Johnson Nighttime Wash.

Step 5: I will read to her in bed after she’s fully dressed for bed, and then I put in one of her favorite CD’s in her cd player and turn it on.

After following those steps I find it’s much easier to put her to bed with no fuss and it seems like she stays in bed and falls asleep much easier than she does if we don’t have a routine. I was online today at and have found this cool website called and it’s a really neat site to check out. I’m going to visit more often for sure! This is such a good contest for those who enter in at twittermoms because you could have the chance to win a set of St. Eve Kid’s PJ’s for your child!!! Awesome!

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