Awesome Finds!

Yesterday I went out with my mom because we were on the lookout for preemie clothing. Our church has an Outreach Ministry that helps families and individuals in Raleigh. We take them food and have even provided sleeping bags for the homeless in Moore Square. Yes we do love to help. I have even gone on a trip with them and took some pictures of them too. It was when we did the Thanksgiving dinner for the people who are less fortunate than us. Well my family is taking in a mother and her two children. One of which she gave birth to 5 weeks early and he only weighed in at 4lbs 1oz. He’s very tiny and so we are on the hunt for preemie clothing for him. We are also looking for a crib for her to have for her new little one and so if anyone has one that they no longer need then please let me know. This family has nothing and they are getting ready to move into a home in the beginning of Feb. but until their home is ready they will be living with us. The father is living with another gentlemen in our church until their home is ready.

Mom and I went to our local Good Will to see if they had anything and we found 1 preemie outfit and a few more outfits for him. I did happen to find Olivia a new vhs movie, a new pair of nike shoes and I found myself a Daily Devotional Book. Then we headed on over to Goody’s where we did not find any baby clothes but I found Olivia’s birthday present which is a Digital Camera for 70% Off and I found myself a new pair of tennis shoes which I was in desperate need of. Then it was off to Target where we got Starbucks and finally we met Terry’s Parents to get Olivia then headed over to Walmart where we grabbed some things like diapers and binky’s (pacifiers). This is all that we did and it just so happened that one of my mom’s co-workers had her car packed full of clothes for this little boy and his big sister who is only 2. Need I say that the parents both have disabilities and we are trying our hardest to help them.

This morning I received a phone call from my mom stating that the little boy “J” was put into NICU this morning for having a difficult time with his eating. So please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

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