Part 2 of Allergy Testing


Today I had my 2nd half of Allergy Testing done. I luckily wasn’t in there very long compared to what they told me I could be in for. Well I am severely allergic to all kinds of Pollen and dust mites. So now I have to really change the way I live. It stinks too but honestly I’m glad I got the testing done because I was so tired of being sick all the time. I will go back in two months and might have my immune system rechecked but today was out of the question because I had so many reactions that it could have messed up my levels all together. So it looks like I’ll be changing the way I live but I’m ok with that. Change is good as many people say. I will say that when I do move into my own place I want to make sure that it doesn’t have that many carpets because that could definitely help me out in the long run.

Oh shoot, I just remembered that I need to make Olivia an appointment to have her allergies tested as well. I’ll do that first thing Monday morning. I also need to call her pediatrician and talk to him about something that is going on with her. She’s not sick but it’s a concern I have and I always like to get her checked out just in case. Well today is definitely Friday. I think everything has happened. I’ve said something I shouldn’t have to my dad and I think I upset him but honestly it’ll be ok. Life will move on about it. I can’t believe that I’m having such a great day! Life is grand today!

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