Feeling Secure in your Home

Recently we’ve had some lurkers around our neighborhood that are looking for trouble. We live in a small neighborhood but the homes are good sized homes. But honestly the properties are larger than the homes. Well with us having the lurkers around our homes it’s made some of us a little uneasy about what we can and can’t leave out in plain view. When we first moved into this home that we are in it did come with a home security system. We used it for the first several weeks that we lived in the home and loved it except for when we had our midnight snack attacks and we would set the thing off. Plus having seven people living inside a 3 bedroom home it got a little crazy about if we set the alarm or not. I know that one specific night there was an incident to where someone in the house got locked out of the house and they found their key and entered into the home without turning the alarm system off. That set it off and then we received a phone call on my parents cell phone from the home security office. We knew then that it was my grandfather who set the alarm off but it still made us feel very secure and safe knowing that we had the protection that we had. We ended up stopping the protection when the alarm kept going off in the middle of the night during Hurricane Fran and so my dad said that was enough, plus 12 years ago the neighborhood was very safe. Now that someone has been lurking around the house it makes me want to call the home security people and get them to come back out and hook it up. I feel that it will make us feel safer and more at ease. Plus I love the fact that it comes with a touch pad and also you can have a keypad on the outside of your house so that you can set the alarm as you leave the house without having to beat the timer to get out. Very convenient for us too since we do have about 3 adults in the house. So next time that you have a lurker or you feel uneasy at home and you do have a home security system at your house know that you will always be protected!!! No matter what, there is someone who is always looking after you and your family!

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