Another Surgery


Today was a very difficult day for me. I had to take my grandparents to my grandfather’s heart appointment. What was supposed to be just a routine checkup on his defibrillator ended up being a very long appointment. My grandfather who will be 91 in March has a defibrillator which will help keep his heart pumping if his heart starts to give way. Now here is the situation, he’s 90 years old and he is very frail as it is. They have him now scheduled for heart surgery on the 14th of this month to fix a wire in his heart defibrillator and it’s hard to see him go through this. The appointment this afternoon was only to last about 30-60 minutes ended up last almost 3-4 hours. They are praying that this procedure will help him out but if not then we’ll have to live each and every day wondering when he’ll pass. It’s hard to think of it this way but it’s true. So please keep him in your prayers and my grandmother too while they are facing this heart surgery for my granddad. I know that if anything happened to him she would feel like she has lost her best friend because they have been married for 66 years. This is very upsetting to them both hearing the news today but I know with me praying for them and with the prayers that will go on for him on the day of his surgery that he will be OK.

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