GNO, Halloween



Tonight I took Olivia Trick or Treating and it was great! We ended up going to Birchwood where we parked at our good friends house and going from there. We also went trick or treating with Digit and Caroline and the kids so it was fun. Afterwards we left from there and we went on home where I gave Olivia some cold medicine because her sniffles were out of control and put her to bed. I had no problem putting her to bed and she was out cold in less than 5 minutes. I think walking that entire time that we went trick or treating helped out.


After Olivia was asleep I got in my car and headed to Rocky Mount to meet up with Robin. I think we both decided on getting a Strawberry Daquri (Yum!) and then ordered our food. It was super good and gosh a little expensive but worth it. We sat there for about an hour, drank lots of water and had a little buzz going on. I took the back roads to home just in case there were checkpoints out. But the way I went there were none. Plus I wasn’t drunk by any means. I know I am so bad. Next time though we realize that we will only order 1 drink and share it. we only drank a little bit and still had a lot left. 🙂 But other than that it was great! We have dubbed that our Girls Night Out will be on The Last Friday of Every Month! I think that we both need that right now and it’s fun talking about life in general without having little ears to hear everything we talk about.

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