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Halloween Night

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween this year. We decided to venture out a little more this year and we went trick or treating with some family members. We walked down the street to my sister in laws house and went out with them. We walked all over the neighborhood and then we decided to go on to another family members house and walk over to my inlaws house from there. I was very surprised at how well Olivia did and she listened for the most part. I’m sure trick or treating with a 3 year old and 4 year old was a little boring but all three kids had a blast. I know now that when the time comes for a new sibling to come along for Olivia we will have no problems at all. The only thing we will have to worry about is when Olivia is graduating high school the other ones will be probably just starting school. Haha! But I’m alright with that. One thing that I have to say is not to wear Dansko’s while trick or treating. It killed my feet and lower back but it was completely worth it for me to see Olivia so happy! We even visited the guy who rides his bike around town with a parrot on his shoulder. He’s a little strange but nice. That’s all that matters right?

Where did you go trick or treating or did you attend a trunk or treat instead? Let me know!

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