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It was a good day!

I’ve just spoke with my mom and found out that Olivia had a good day at school. I’m so happy to hear that after the many bad days we had last week at school. I think she was good because it was Monday and two because I told her that if she misbehaved she would not only have to deal with Nanie then she’d have to deal with me too. I’m hoping that I can see how well she really did. Gonna go pick her up in a minute. I’ve just gotten a response on a email I sent out for a product review and gonna get it some time this week. I can’t wait. I’m so happy that my review site is going so well. I hope that you all will keep a lookout for all the product reviews that are going to happen on that site. I can feel it’s going to work out for me just how I wanted it too.

Well I’m off to pick Olivia up then run to the library to return the books I had gotten out. Not going to get anymore out right now. Maybe another time this week that I’m in town.

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