Blogging, Olivia, Thank you

It was a rough day yesterday!

Yesterday Olivia just had a bad day at school and at home. She was wired and we figured out it was from the cold medicine I gave her in the morning. I wrote the teacher a note apologizing to her because I completely forgot that the medicine was “red”. Oops. I did go to Kerr Drug and pick up some medicine that was not colored and it was sugar free too, plus I picked up some Motrin that was dye free too. It was a little expensive but that is ok…if it keeps my child straight then I’m ok with it. I did get an email yesterday saying that the ID bracelet was shipped to us. Sweet! I can’t wait for us to get it. This is going to be great for us and for Olivia. I’m going to try and wait until October to keep her off meds but if not then I’ll go speak with the doctor about it. I don’t want to but if it will help her focus a little more like her other classmates then I’d be willing to try it. I know she doesn’t like getting in trouble at school, and worst for her Nanie to come to her classroom and spank her (I gave her permission to do that). We are going to check into a few things at school to see if we can get her on the right track though.

Last night I fed her dinner, although she wasn’t too hungry, read her a book and watched some tv with her. Then at 8:30pm I had her in bed. She didn’t get up out of her bed because she was tired and she wanted to keep that sticker on the calendar. It worked and I got some time to do what I wanted to do…blog. 🙂

I wanted to thank you all for being patient with me while I continue to write a lot of blogs today. They are the sponsored posts meaning that I get paid for them and all in all it’s something that I need. So thank you to all my readers!

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