Indoor Picnic & Fireworks Pictures

What do you do when your child’s allergies are bothering her and she wants to have a picinic? Well….You have an Indoor Picnic of course!!! Olivia came up to me this morning and asked me if she could have a picnic but I could tell her allergies were bothering her so I told her lets have an indoor picnic. So I fixed her a lunch filled with a ketchup and cheese sandwich (her favorite), a bag of baked ruffles and a capri sun that is 100% juice with no addiatives or sugar added. She loves her lunch and also she is getting ready for school too. So it looks like she is super excited about her school and we’re going to get her a new lunch box too. I might find one in Myrtle Beach while we’re down there. You never know do you? I’ve also included a few pictures of the fireworks from last nights display despite the rain. It was still fun!

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  1. We didn’t have any rain on the 4th here…it was cool, breezy and beautiful.

    We have indoor picnics all the time, esp on Family night with a movie and pizza! The kids love it. We do the blanket so the kids don’t get food on my carpet!

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