What a Wild Storm!!!

This afternoon as I was leaving my doctors appointment there was a very Wicked Storm that rolled through. I called Terry to let him know of how the appointment went and he asked if I was in this mess. I told him yes and didn’t realize the severity of the storm and the power of it. I was driving down Sunset towards Nashville and just after I passed Harris Teeter there was hail. Lots of it too! Scared the crap out of me and of course I had a panic attack from it. I hate storms well violent storms that is. The lightning of this storm was so powerful that I got to the Nash Community College area when a bolt of lightning struck a power pole causing sparks to fire and the lights to go out completely. I was crying and praying to the lord that I would get home safely and to keep all other safe as well. I came home and it was still lightning and the thunder oh how it roared. I kept an eye on the clouds to see if any formation was going to happen. Thankfully it didn’t but to those of you who now know…I’m scared to death of storms that are so super violent and being alone and driving didn’t help any. Ok that was the highlight of my day. I’m off to pick up Olivia and take her to her trial Gymnastics class. If this works out then this will be her activity/sport that we have to get her involved in for the social skills.

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