This weekend went by too quickly. On Saturday I got to get out of the house thanks to Terry being off. He took care of Olivia while I went out for a little Mommy time. We also went back out that evening to get dinner at Ryan’s and it was ok. It wasn’t the best we’d had in a while but it was sufficent since it was like 7pm when we decided to go eat something. Olivia actually ate a good meal that night, two pieces of pizza and some mac & cheese. She played with her dessert but that was ok, at least she ate dinner for once. She hadn’t eaten anything all week long from being sick so it was a relief that she wanted to eat dinner. Terry and I drank at home that night and it was nice too. I had two bacardi silvers (now I know why I quite drinking them in the first place) and by that point I had to stop drinking because I was a little tipsy. Terry was talking to Chad when he noticed that I was toast by that point. Well it was a good St. Patty’s day anyways.

Sunday we got up and Olivia and I went to Tarboro for lunch. His parents then told us that they were going to pay for Olivia’s 3rd birthday party which is nice. I checked out Chuck E. Cheese’s last night online but they are WAAAAAAAAAAAY too Expensive for us to have it there. It would be like $11 per child, only have the tables for 90 minutes and didn’t have the time we wanted. So instead we are planning on checking with Star City Skating Rink (they do have an indoor play center there) and plus Olivia really wants a pair of roller skates for her birthday. We’re also going to check at The Children’s Musuem as well about their prices and all. About Olivia and her skates, I think I’m going to get her a pair. Every time we go into Target or Walmart she points that she wants a pair. So I think I’m going to get her a pair, and of course get her a helmet, knee and elbow pads as well. It’ll but fun I know for her and also for us too.

Today she went to daycare and also was a little clingy but that was to be expected since she was home all last week with me. I woke up with a little bit of a cough but nothing to really worry about. It’s the same barking cough I get whenever it gets cold out and/or it my allergies are acting up. Stupid Allergies and stupid Asthma. I wouldn’t be suprised if Olivia has Asthma either. It runs in the family so we know what to look for at least. Well I’m going to go for now…have to get back to work. I’ll try to write later on if I get a chance to.

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