I have to say that for those mommies who deal with sick children every day of their lives I have to commend. I have once again been home with Olivia now for 4 days and I’m so ready for her to be back to normal. She was up most of the night last night and so was I. She was complaining about her ears hurting her and she has been sneezing like you wouldn’t believe it. Well I took her back to the doctors today and she still has her ear infection although now it’s a full blown double ear infection, a throat infection and a sinus infection. I feel so bad for her. The doctor saw that we didn’t have any health insurance so instead he said “I’ll be right back” and walked out of the room for a few minutes. He then returned with 10 days worth of Omnicef for us. He said the Omnicef guy just came and brought more samples. Thank god too! That stuff is expensive even with insurance. Tomorrow if she’s back to normal we will send her to daycare. If not then I’ll run by my dad’s house and pick up the daycare checks for this week and next week and pay them immediately! I feel so bad that she hasn’t been to school at all this week but I’ve been working with her in a couple Pre-K books I got at Walmart to help with her writing and counting and such. They were expensive but well worth it. She loves doing them.

Today after the appointment we went to Sonic to eat lunch and then drove on over to Goodwill and picked up some books and things. I did find the book, The Little Engine that Could, A Ramona Book (remember those from back in the day?) and also got her a Kids Song DVD. I remember watching them on PBS when I would stay home from school when I was younger. Now my child loves to watch them and I also every now and then like to sit down and watch them with her. We then went on over to Target and picked up a few things from there. I really needed dog food but they didn’t have any that we needed. So instead I got the bottle to help keep Livy hydrated (doctor told us to get one because of her ears and to allow her to eat like goldfish and cheezit’s instead of real food to keep her energy level up) and also got some Tide with Bleach Alternative for Livy’s clothes since she comes home most of the time looking like she swam or rolled in the mud and dirt. Hope this helps out. Of course I had to stop by Starbucks and pick up a Strawberries and Creme Frap and it was so tasty! Yummy!! Then it was off the the Dollar Tree for a few things I was looking for. Tonight for Dinner is up in the air still. I might just go order a pizza and then sit down and read some.

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