Yesterday was so busy for us. We had a lot going on at work and then last night when I went to get Livy from daycare it’s like everyone in the world wanted to call me and talk. I don’t mind talking but I just feel like there is one person in particular who shall remain nameless just calls way too much.

Anyways, last night for dinner we had homemade pizza and it was so good. Tonight I am planning on having Cheesy ham and hashbrowns baked in the oven. Mmmm…sounds so good. Well I decided last night to start on another Mei-Tai and was almost done putting it together when i realized I didn’t have enough fabric to finish up the straps. Ughh, oh well guess I’ll have to run to Wal-Mart to get some more. It’s not too expensive to make one and while I’m there I might get another color of fabric and make another one too. I am thinking of making one for my cousin’s wife who is getting ready to have a baby in August and I think that she would like to have one. Or at least Scott will I hope. If anyone would like one please let me know.

Well I have been having some thoughts about something (Robin you know what I’m talking about) and I just need to straighten a few things out in my head first. I have looked online already at the classes that I need to finish up for school and I think that I’m going to take Medical Office Simulation or Medical Legal Issues (still haven’t made up my mind yet). I was going to take 2 this semester but they are not offering the other one online so that means I have to go into the class room. I might go ahead and do that too. I just wanted to take them online instead. Oh well. I have until August 14th to decide on what I want to do. Well let me run for now…have to get back to work. Need to make some $$$ now.

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