Wow, this past weekend had so much going on. On Friday I was only planning on working like for the first couple of hours but then decided that we had so much going on that I would work half a day. Then I went and picked up Livy from daycare and from there we went to the Braswell Library in Rocky Mount. Livy loves the library because of all the books and just the environment there. She got so excited about reading the books that she had an accident. She was crying and I told her it was ok (I think she was just plain embarrased). While we were there she got 2 cd’s that we could listen to in the car and she wanted a DVD but they didn’t have anything she wanted so we waited. This weekend we haven’t been watching too much T.V. either. I’m trying to allow her to do other things other than sitting her down in front of the T.V. Well, Friday after we got done with the Library we headed on over to Wal-Mart and it was really crowded there too. I hate going there especially when the Mexican buses are there. They just look at you in a funny way and it makes me feel really uncomfortable. Anyways, we went back to the fabrics and picked up more fabric so that we could finish up the new Mei-Tai. Yes! We also picked up a couple other things while there.

When we returned home thinking Terry had already began cutting the grass we went inside so that Livy could take her nap. She still was wired from going to the Library and wanted to read that I sent her in her room with a book. She finally dozed off enough for me to go mow the lawn. We have 3/4 of an acre to cut and well it was hot, hot, hot out too. I did the entire lawn before Terry even woke up. It just irritated me to the end that on his day’s off he sleeps the entire day and then is in a bad mood when he wakes up. Not fair to Livy and I who want to spend time with him. That night we had also planned on cooking some boneless pork chops on the grill. It didn’t happen so instead I baked the pork chops in the oven on 350 degrees and also seasoned them with some Steak and Meat Seasoned Salt. Mmm…it was just perfect. Also in the dish I added some cut up potatoes with the seasoned salt on top of them and it was perfect. I am definately going to make those again!

On Saturday we stayed at home. I started reading some of the book I had checked out from the Library. I decided to check out “For Laci” by Sharon Rocha and it’s a really good book. I was so into the book and forgot all about having to deliver an order with MK. I went and did that and then came back home to finish up the Mei-Tai. I’ve attached some pictures of the new one. I changed a couple of things on it (compared to the first one I made) and I love it. I am glad that I finished it though. Livy loves this one because I made the panel a little padded too. She loves riding on Mommy’s back and had a fit when I had to take her down because she had to go potty. Then later on that evening we headed to Tarboro for the rest of the weekend.

Yesterday we got up and went to church. We also had a very good lunch (thanks Frances for cooking every Sunday!) and then we had a facial to do at 3:00pm. But as 3:00 came I received a phone call from the lady I was supposed to be doing the facial on asking if I could come around 5:00pm. Not a problem, it gave me more time to read the book. I might this friday or Saturday and take Livy back to the library. It was a really good time. Tonight we had Taco’s for dinner and they were so good. I only wish I had made it into like a Taco Salad but that will be alright. Maybe next time!

Today I had to go pick up Livy from daycare because I got a phone call saying all day she had been having diarrhea and she woke up from her nap and vomited all over the place. She has been very lathargic this afternoon and well just not feeling too well since I picked her up at 3:00. I feel so bad for her but she is going to live! Hoping that she will be able to go back to daycare tomorrow so that I can go too. Plus I’m starting to feel sick so who know’s if I’m going to be able to go to work in the morning or not just depends on how we both feel.

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