Family Vacation is Almost Here!!!

I can’t believe our family vacation is almost here! We have just a little over a week before we get to enjoy the time away from home and from life in general. So much has been happening over the past few months that I feel like we need a break from it all. Between my medical issues to trying to find a home to finding out Olivia needs surgery, this mama is done! I just need a break! We thought about where we should go for our family vacation and seriously debated on if we should go some place warm, to Disney World or somewhere that we could relax and enjoy nature. We chose…the mountains!

We normally have a week to enjoy time in our condo in the Blue Ridge Mountains but we chose to not use it this year and take our vacation elsewhere. We wanted to go where we have been before but never in the fall so we chose the Pigeon Forge Area!! We are first making a pit stop in Charlotte, NC to enjoy the Renaissance Festival which we can’t wait to enjoy again! We never though stay for the entire thing because after Olivia sees everything she is ready to go. We will however head to IKEA to check out what’s new! I’m sure I’ll find something I really don’t need! Then we will check into our place to stay for the night (still not sure where that is yet). The next morning we will get up and head to The Great Smokey Mountains! And a plus….we are doing Dollywood while we are there! Score!! I’m so excited y’all! I haven’t been to Dollywood since I have 14!!! It was 1995 since I was last there and Olivia and Jason have never been! So this is a big thing for us to go and enjoy! I will be posting a lot on my Facebook and Instagram accounts so you can keep up with me on there. But until then we will be here until we leave next weekend!

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