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Dog Treat Container Recycling Project

I am a member of the Chick-Fil-A Mom Panel for 2016-2017 and we were challenged to use one of the small chicken tortilla soup containers and recycle it! While I had a ton of plans to use it for something for Olivia’s crayons or a jewelry container I decided to try something new! 

So instead I made it into a dog treat container for when we are on the go or for upstairs in our room! It’s nice sometimes to have treats for Yoda upstairs but we really didn’t have anywhere to put them. And I don’t like lugging the bags around. So this was the perfect thing for us to use the container for! Yoda even approves of the container now considering it was bringing it to me to give him a treat! So not only did I enjoy a great lunch, Yoda now has a treat container for upstairs! Perfect recycling project for our family! 

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