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New Fall Things At Little Tikes!

Now that Fall is officially upon us and the weather is feeling so good, why not look at what is new with Little Tikes. We have always been a Little Tikes loving family and have several things for indoors and outdoors. We have a climber for the house at mom and dad’s and we are looking for something to put outside for Olivia. We have a nice size backyard and so why not look at see what we might have to put back there is something to look into. Something I have seen that would look like something I could get for my two nieces are Lil Blabberz. Here is a video of what they are:

They could be something I could get for Christmas for them. Little Tikes has also teamed up with Lazy Boy and Simmons and is having a wonderful sweepstakes where you can win a big prize from Little Tikes, Lazy Boy and Simmons furniture! Go and enter in by October 31, 2013!! I’ve entered and I think you should too!

Some of the other new things that Little Tikes have are a bathtub sub shop, Lalaloopsy Toy Box (Olivia would fall in love with this for sure!), I’m an Artist Studio and a Deluxe Home and Garden Playhouse (she would also love this!). Christmas is right around the corner and I feel like some of the new things at Little Tikes would work for Olivia and would also work for my nieces and nephew! What about you? 

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