Fall is here! yay!

Now that fall has arrived so has the rain! and let me say that after a week of rain we are all ready to see the rain leave. Don’t get me wrong we have been very thankful for the Lord blessing us with the rain but enough is enough! We have all become ducks now that you think about it. We are all quacking for the rain to stop so that we can enjoy the sunshine once again. I know that when you live in the south the weather is always unpredictable but geesh.

Anyways, life has been super busy. With school in full session for both me and Olivia it seems like we don’t have much of a social life anymore. Plus Olivia is doing the Acrobatics and Tumbling class at the same dance studio where she took tap and ballet last year and is loving it. I have had two major exams already in Human Biology and have already studied 9 chapters. Holy smoke I know that’s a lot but let me say it definitely keeps one busy in this class. We don’t normally have a lot of time to finish up the 4 chapters we have to do a week in this class. Plus I have already written two major essays for my English class too. I’m doing great in my word processing class and my psychology class too. I can’t wait for this semester to be over with. I’m ready to start up the new semester with new classes too.

Another great thing is that I am already planning for another trip to Disney World for Next year or maybe the year after. It’s still up in the air of when we are going but we definitely want to go in the fall this go round due to cooler weather and less crowds. Plus I have never been in the fall and so I think it would be awesome to go then.

Plus I have lots of plans for other things to do as well. I can’t wait and we will see what the next year brings us. Until then…we will just live one day at a time. 🙂 The picture above is my niece, Keali:)

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