Back to Taking Pictures…

Now that I’ve started back to school I’ve been trying to find a way to manage my time with my school work, Olivia being in school and her homework, working full-time and being a mom full time. I have to say that it’s not an easy task to do but I’ve found time to do it and I have to just keep going with it. But another thing that I’ve gotten back into doing is photography. It’s almost like during the summer months because it was so hot out I didn’t feel much like getting out and taking nice pictures. You know the pictures that you would want to edit. Well the other day I decided to go ahead and take some pictures of Olivia and my dog Hershey who I’ve had for almost 14 years. Wow! He’s showing his age now but is still cute as a button and we love him so much. Here are a few of my favorites that I took of him and a few of Olivia as well. 🙂

And my favorite of Hershey:

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