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Baby Einstein World Animal Adventure Blog Tour


I can remember when Baby Einstein came out with their first video and I had to get it for Olivia. She ended up loving it and then I bought her another one and then kept purchasing them for her. She absolutely loves the music in them and they are very educational for your children to watch and learn from. Well we had the opportunity to review the new video that they have come out with, Baby Einstein World Animal Adventure DVD and Olivia has once again fallen in love with this one. She actually has enjoyed watching it and dancing to the cool music that this DVD has with it. It’s not the full classical music like most of the other videos have but this one has a different beat to it. It has sounds from all over the world and that is always fun to listen to. Something a bit different compared to the same old same old. Olivia actually enjoyed this one because it had up there a lot of different animals that she has never heard of like the snow monkey (I admit I’ve never heard of that one either) but she has also learned about other animals from around the world and enjoying them and where their from.

I’m actually thinking of purchasing this DVD for my niece Keali for Christmas. It’s something that she will like to watch too because she just like Olivia loves animals. Olivia’s favorite animals besides dogs and cats are Zebras, Monkeys and talking birds as she says. She has learned a lot with this movie and has even asked for the cd for it too. Might have to think about this one for Christmas for sure! We love Baby Einstein and the company and we even love how they also have a section for the preschoolers as well Little Einstein’s. So keep looking out for the World Animal Adventure DVD to roll out in stores near you. I know you can normally purchase them at any major retailer like Target, or Walmart or online like Amazon. You too will know that you are purchasing something that will help out your child for their education and from a company that you can trust!!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Baby Einstein and received a World Animal Adventure DVD to facilitate my candid review.”

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