A Child Free Weekend!

This weekend I’m am officially going to be child free! Terry is picking up Olivia soon and will have her all weekend. Now you may ask me what am I going to do but I am going to rest and spend some quality time with one of my best friends. I’m really hoping that I won’t have to go to Verizon store again but I was afraid I was going to have to today. The new phone they sent me had a full charge on it this evening when I left work and just as I was getting onto 64 to go pick up Olivia the phone turned itself off and wouldn’t come back on. The only way that I am now able to use it is to plug it into the charger. I’m going to turn it off tonight and charge it again but I do have some phone calls to make this evening with it so I won’t be able to do so until I go to bed.

This week has been pretty busy with life for sure. On Monday Olivia had her second dance class and absolutely loved it. The only thing that we are going to have to do is move her from the back to the front because she’s not paying any attention to the teachers but otherwise she loves it! She told me that her favorite part of class is when they do tap which happened to be one of my favorite classes as well because you made lots of noise but it sounded like music to me when I did dance. I even told Olivia that if she continues to dance next year that I will possibly take a class myself as well. I’ve wanted to get back into dance but just couldn’t find a studio that I liked and so far we love Crystal’s Elite Dance Studio. Then on Tuesday she didn’t really do much of anything except for homework. The same goes for Wednesday and Thursday except on Thursday she got over 2 hours to watch TV since she has to do her homework before playing. So if it takes her all night to do her homework then oh well. She gets to play at daycare when picked up. Another incentive that we have started with her is that if she gets a good behavior paper home for the entire week (stickers everyday) then she will get $1 dollar for each week. So this week it worked like a charm and is very rewarding to her as well. She was so proud of herself that she earned so far now $2! And it’s her money to do whatever she wants with it.

Something that we are now coming into being a problem is whenever we go to Walmart or Target that she is asking for every toy that she see’s. She’s even asking for Buddy the Elf to come back so that she can tell him exactly what she wants for Christmas. It’s becoming a hassle but I’m just cutting back on how much television she is watching which is why I came up with the no TV until after your homework is complete. It’s been so nice not hearing from her what she wants whenever a commercial comes on. Plus another good thing is that when she does get to watch TV she is watching either the Disney Channel or the Noggin Channel which both have no commercials. It’s really cut back on what new toys and contraptions she sees to come tell me that she wants either now or for Christmas. So yes it has already begun but I’ve got a handle on it this year. No over spending for sure this year. I know that I have a job but Olivia has so many toys as it is that it’s not a big deal. Just a few things is all she is going to get and I know the few things that she is going to get. Just hoping to get a good deal on a few things on the day after Thanksgiving this year.

Well that’s really about it so I’m going to go for now. Have some other things I need to do tonight.

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