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Water Fun for the Winter Time

Last week I received a wonderful package in the mail from Team Mom. Since we knew that the cooler air was coming and we have been getting those nice cooler days, it’s hard to keep Olivia inside without her catching a cold. Well now we don’t have those kinds of problems anymore! We instead are having a blast playing indoors with Water!


The first thing that we have played with is the Aquadoodle Draw N’ Doodle Mat which happens to be a blessing because it’s the perfect thing for Olivia to draw all over and not make a mess like she would with paints or even markers. All you do is fill up the refillable pen with cold water and draw away on the mat. Olivia loves this mat and loves to draw her hands which in turn she makes into turkey’s. Then to clear the mat you just allow it to dry and bam you have a new canvas to start making more masterpeices. You can get this Aquadoodle Draw N’ Doodle Mat at any large retailer for only $24.99 and to me that’s not a bad price either because think of how much it will save you in paper, ink and paints. It’s totally reusable and can use it over and over and plus it’s a great way to go green!


The other item that we received in the package was an awesome product called the Bath Blizzard which is made for bathtime fun. It’s a bubble maker for your tub and it’s like a blizzard of bubbles coming at you. Olivia has dubbed this her absolute favorite toy in the world because she loves bubbles! Plus it comes with Hypoallergenic Soap that you can use for 10 baths. You can also order different bubbles as well from Kid Kleen. It can be hung on your tile, tub or on the faucet easily using the suction cups included. Olivia played with this last night and fell absolutely in love with it because she didn’t want to get out. Of course when I went to take a picture of her in her tub full of bubbles the battery was dead in the camera and no other ones were to be found in the house. Figures too. But I did take a picture of it when I first got the package. This product will cost you around $19.99 and can be found at all leading toy retailers. It’s a great items to play with and even you might want to steal it too and have a little fun with bubbles in your bath.

I highly recommend both of these products because they are the best way to have fun this winter when the weather gets too cold for the kids to go outside and play! They can draw away and have an indoor bath blizzard. What more could you ask for?

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