Olivia’s First Dentist Appointment

Today Olivia had her first dentist appointment and had her teeth cleaned. She did an awesome job and I was very proud of her. First the dental hygienist, Michelle, showed Olivia what she was going to do on me such as counting the teeth and showing her the tools she was going to use. Then Olivia and I layed back on the chair and we counted Olivia’s teeth. She has 20. Next we went ahead and started to “tickle” her teeth and as she had finished the first half Olivia wanted to get up. She didn’t like the taste of the toothpaste, so Michelle changed the toothpaste to the Spongebob Square Pants toothpaste she had and used that on the bottom teeth. I felt so proud of my little girl because she had a good time and she even let us floss her teeth. Olivia has made a promise to brush her teeth now but we’ll see how far that goes. Even if we have to tickle her teeth at least it’s getting them clean. Olivia received a prize from Michelle and then one from Dr. B. 🙂 She does have to take flouride pills but that’s ok with me. Dr. B told me that we need to keep her on these pills to help keep her teeth strong and pretty for at least 8 more years. I think that’s fair enough. Yeah!!!Best of all Olivia has NO Cavities. I’m so happy too.

Sorry No picture today.

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