Busy as a Bee…

Today was a very active day for me in general. First we had Olivia’s testing for PreK and while she scored high on one thing they still have lots of other things they need to take in to view and so we won’t hear anything for another 3 weeks not a problem. I can be patient enough to understand that. Then I headed over to Tarboro with Olivia so that I could go to the doctors to get looked at since I was feeling even more horrible than I did yesterday. On the way there I got a phone call from the lady at YMCA and she has asked if I could be a coach for Bitty Kicks which is what Olivia is playing again this spring. I said sure since they were supposed to start this weekend. Gosh. It’s going to be fun and I think it will help Olivia stay out on the field since I was on the field anyways all last season with her. Separation anxiety for sure then but not so much now. So I’m now a Soccer Mom and a Soccer Coach. This is going to be so much fun. Plus Terry has offered to help out on the Saturday’s that he’s off.

Then at the doctors I found out that I have a massive sinus infection and so I was put on two different medicines to help fight this infection. I also have an upper respiratory infection which was like saying a “duh” to the doctor. LOL He was a strange one that’s for sure. Anyways, I’ve got my desktop back and I’m loving it. I’m now saving up for a MacBook with the iSight Camera in it. I’m so excited too. Now which color to choose is going to be hard. I love the white color but the black is pretty too. Gosh, so many decisions to make. LOL. Just kidding. Ok well I’m going to go for now. Have to go help out with dinner. 🙂

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