Library Trip and Free Pancakes!

Last night Tonya & I took the kids to the Library because it was library day for us. We have been doing this religously for several months now and the kids love it. Olivia however last night did not want to go to the library and she cried and pitched a fit. I found several books for me to read and I plan on reading them all this time. And if not then I will recheck them out again. One of them is very interesting so far and I think will help me in my life and the events I’m going through. I also picked up 3 CD’s for Olivia and she has been into the Wiggles lately so of course we had to get a Wiggles CD.

After the library we went to IHOP where they were giving out free pancakes for National Pancake day. Wow! It was so good and Livy actually ate all of the pancakes and they were big ones too, and also ate the side order of hashbrowns that I got for us to share. Needless to say…I didn’t get them. LOL I instead got two eggs and they were ok. Not the best in the world though. Anyways, it’s just been a hard couple of days but tonight I’m going home to grab some more things and so that Livy can see her daddy who she has been crying for at night.

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