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Sickness…Go Away!

So the past week, I have been dealing with some kind of sickness. I didn’t want to go to the doctor last week, but after my fever wouldn’t break I decided to do the Doctors on Demand again and let me say that not having to pay because it’s included with our insurance premiums has been nice. I saw the doctor and it’s so cool to see them when I don’t feel like getting out of my pj’s. They said that I have Sinusitis and I feel more like it’s turned into a sinus infection now ugh but my asthma is in full swing with this weather! Then Jason did it on Monday and they said he has a virus. So he has been home for the past two days from work. Thank goodness he has time already that he can take off. He went back to work today so that’s a plus y’all! I’m not sure about your man but Jason makes it seem like he’s dying whenever he is sick. So today I will be doing laundry, cleaning and we’re having leftovers for dinner yum!


Also our new dining room table came on Monday after us having to beg and argue with the store to get it delivered. If you have never had snow while living in the south then you might not know that people around here don’t like to drive in it. I was almost tempted on us going down to get the table and chairs ourselves on Saturday. But I didn’t feel all that great so we just had them deliver the set on Monday. Also, I have found a new stitch that I’m in love with for crocheting and I have come out with a few new things for my Etsy store. I really need to work on a few more projects and stuff to list on there. Don’t worry…I’ll bombard you all with the designs and things. School has also been in session for Olivia and it’s nice to see her doing school in the living room of our house. She loves it and now that we have the dining room table we might bring the other tv and bluray player over and set it up in the dining room. Still haven’t made that decision yet.

Did you have any snow where you live last week?

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