Open House

Last night was Olivia’s Open House at her new school. I have to say that it was a success!! She met all of her teachers except for her art teacher! We were afraid that she wasn’t going to get the elective that she wanted but she did! She got Art!!! She is also going to love her new teachers and I love their thinking! They aren’t going to have typical homework like most do and I love that as well! I mean what school do you send your kids to send home homework like watch this movie and tell me what was the moral of the story? Or how does it apply to real life or the text we read in class? Seriously?!! I love this school so far! And school hasn’t even started! They start school on Thursday and just by going and meeting her teachers has made it a lot easier for her. There are I believe only 2 7th grade homeroom teachers which means it’s a lot smaller than we thought and that’s great! I think there are only 16 in her class! Score!!!!

We also found out that she can use the fridges to help keep her food cold until lunch time and they have a ton of microwaves too. My dad was amazed at the amount they have. Olivia also knew a few of the kids already so that made it a little easier for her too. I’m glad we decide to put her back into school and chose this one. Also Abeka is the curriculum we would have chosen again this year anyways so why not use it while learning in another building with other kids. Olivia’s grandparents on her dad’s side came as well and they got to meet her teachers as well. They also purchased 2 NLCA Shirts for her that she can wear during the school week with her uniform as well. I’m glad that we are able to do that and it gives her a break from her actual uniform shirts. She’s already told me the first two days of school she’s wearing both shirts to school. OK! If it helps make the days go by faster I don’t care!!

So I would say she’s gone from hating us to actually getting excited about going to school!

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