Florida Trip

We returned home from Florida on July 2nd and it has taken over a week to get back to normal for us. We had a wonderful time and the resort we stayed at was Silver Lake Resort in Kissimmee. I actually knew where the resort was because we normally stay in Baymont Inn just off Disney Property which thankfully I knew my way around it. We drove down on Sunday, June 25th and it was a long trip down but it was nice to be able to drive some on this trip! Mom and I switched off on the driving and so it made the trip seem to go by a little quicker. We arrived down in Orlando in mid afternoon and we decided to go over to Disney Springs and grab a bite to eat. We ate lunch at Earl of Sandwich which is a must in our books for any trip to Florida! My niece thought that we were taking her to Disney World just by being at Disney Springs but there was no parks involved here!

We arrived at Silver Lake Resort and checked in and had a wonderful time there. I’m so glad that we did receive a room that had a washer and dryer in it because it helped us a lot. We were able to do laundry while there and we also were able to dry our towels and suits after we were finished swimming.  We only ate out 3 times while we were down there and that was so nice too! We enjoyed the resort and the pool was the girls favorite place to go to every day. I think the only day we did not go to the pool was the day we went to Universal Studios! That was just a very busy day for us all around. But we did enjoy ourselves but next time we go it will not be in the summer.


We drove home on the next Sunday and we were happy to be home! We do plan on using that resort again in the future and am glad we had the time to get off and use it.

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