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Sickness in the House

I think for the past month we have shared germs galore! I have been very sick for the past 4 weeks and have gone to the doctor countless times, the ER and to have a battery of tests done! This has not been easy on my immune system and has not been easy for anyone in our house! I have been diffusing a lot and I need to get some more OnGuard and some OnGuard Beadlets to start taking! I am so tired of this sickness and now I might have Pertussis and this is crazy! I never knew that I could still get pertussis but with my immune disorder, I guess I can.


Olivia is fighting a cold and Jason just got over a cold. So this has been super hard for our family! Just pray that I get over this stuff soon! I’m so tired of being sick and I am on bed rest until I can get better. They think my asthma is out of control but honestly I feel that it’s not my asthma and it’s something else. I had a CT Scan on Monday and that came back normal thankfully but now I’m waiting on the test for pertussis to come back. Just had that done today. I have been back to the doctor for the past 2 weeks twice a week. So far no appointments for next week but praying that I get some good results about why I’m so sick! I think honestly after doing all the steroids, antibiotics and more I should be doing better.

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