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Phil Wickham “Children of God” CD Review

Do you enjoy listening to new Christian music? I sure do and I enjoy getting new CD’s in the mail to review! One of my favorite Christian singers would be Phil Wickham who has an amazing voice and his songs are just amazing and I love them. I have listened to his other songs but the songs on his new album, “Children of God,” have made me think that this is a great album! It actually hasn’t left my CD player in the 4Runner which is big considering normally I am always changing CD’s in the car!

A few of my favorite songs off of this new album would be Doxology/Amen, My All in All and Your Love Awakens Me. All of these songs have a wonderful meaning to them and when I am feeling low and down, I can turn these on and feel much better! The other songs on this album are all amazing and no matter what I can highly suggest this album for anyone who loves to listen to Christian tunes.


  1. Doxology/Amen
  2. Better Than Life
  3. Your Love Awakens Me
  4. The Secret Place
  5. Wide Awake
  6. My All in All
  7. Starmaker (High Above the Earth)
  8. Children of God
  9. Stand in Awe
  10. Body Mind & Soul
  11. As It Is In Heaven
  12. Spirit of God

This whole album is just amazing and wonderful to listen to and this is one that I actually have on my Spotify to listen to as well when I’m not in my car! You can get it now through iTunes, Amazon and even yes on Spotify! Check out the video below for his song “Your Love Awakens Me.”

I did receive a copy of this CD for free from Flyby Promotions in exchange for an honest review!


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