Occupational Therapy is Over!

Today was Olivia’s final day of Occupational Therapy! She has made it through 8 long months of going from not being able to even attempt to try new foods to trying them. She has gone from hating all veggies except for french fries (yes she considers them veggies) to liking a few of them or at least tolerating them. This is a big change for Olivia and we are excited in how much improvement she has made.


We are happy that even though she has Autism Spectrum Disorder, she has made it past this difficult task in trying new veggies and fruits and not having an anxiety attack over it. It was more of a sensory issue with it and we are very grateful for her Occupational Therapist for helping her get over this difficult challenge. We will not go back to OT unless we see a dramatic change in her behavior! Yay! This is a big hurdle we have surpassed!!!

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