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Logic of Englis – Essentials 2nd Edition Review

Logic of English Review

Since we have started to homeschool, there have been simple things that Olivia has struggled with after leaving public schools. One thing she has struggled with is English and we knew that. The local schools around here have decided to not teach the children but only teach the test to the children. So when she didn’t know the simplest things for English, it worried me. So that is where the Essentials 2nd Edition by Logic of English came into place for us.

Essentials 2nd Edition has been a blessing for us. It came with everything you needed to teach spelling, reading, grammar and vocabulary with your child. How awesome and amazing is that? I mean, with the current program we use with Olivia these are all separate lessons for her and sometimes all of them are a little too lengthy for her to do. So to use this as a supplement has been very nice on the days she has extra long lessons. This is good for children who are ages 8 and older who are struggling in either reading or another subject that is taught in these lessons. Olivia has struggled with putting some words together and this has helped her learn them and understand them better. We received in the kit the following items:

  • Essentials Teacher’s Guide Book
  • Essentials Student Student Workbook
  • A spelling journal
  • Grammar Flash Cards
  • Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
  • Spelling Rules Flash Cards
  • Phonogram Game Cards
  • Red Manuscript Phonogram Game Cards
  • Phonogram & Spelling Rule Quick Reference Guide
  • Multi-syllable Spelling Analysis Quick Reference Guide
  • Phonogram Game Tiles
  • Morpheme Flash Cards

Logic of English Review

I have enjoyed using this product to supplement when we have a difficult day in learning what she is learning for english. The spelling rules flash cards have come in handy a lot for Olivia because it has helped her understand the different rules that I have been trying to teach her but she hasn’t understood them. Some children need to use flash cards and apparently my child is one of those children who need them. I needed them too and still use them today for my college classes if that tells you anything about my learning skills. I love using the Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference Guide. I am very pleased with this guide as it helps Olivia understand how phonograms work. The phonogram flash cards are just amazing as well. I plan on letting my sister in law use them with my niece since she is struggling in school as well. This is going to be very helpful for her and it really shows anyone how a word is put together. The student workbook at first seems like it is too easy for Olivia to complete but it has her think about things she wouldn’t normally have to do. I love this about the product because even though some of the lessons might be a little too easy for her, to me it gives her a little break before she gets to the ones that she struggles with. I will continue to use Logic of English in the future with her and any of our other children when we adopt and this will be very helpful to them as well. Check out their Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest Accounts too! You won’t be disappointed in them. The price for the Essentials 2nd Edition is $198.00 which I think is very doable since it comes with so much for you and your child!

Logic of English Review
I received a copy of this for free from Logic of English and as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew to be able to provide our own opinions on the product!

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