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Demme Learning Math-U-See Review

Demme Learning Math U See Review
One thing that we love about learning at home is that we get to do new lessons with Olivia and we can travel anywhere we want to go which is a nice handoff for us. The one subject that Olivia has struggled in since the third grade was Math and I use was lightly because just until this school year, Olivia hated Math. She absolutely couldn’t stand it because she didn’t understand it. Well we started her off using Math-U-See Gamma and she quickly turned her hate to liked then to loved math. We were lucky enough to review the next level of Demme Learning’s Math-U-See Delta which was the Digital Pack and the Printed Pack too.

Demme Learning Math U See Review
Math-U-See has been such a wonderful tool to get Olivia to enjoy doing math and still learn too. She began Delta not too long ago and when we thought she couldn’t love math anymore, she does. Math-U-See is such an amazing tool and program that every parent with children who struggle in math to use. I had heard of it before we began homeschooling but I always thought it was going to confuse Olivia even more. I was wrong in every way because each lesson is taught with an understanding to learn it at your own pace. You are not learning it at anyone elses’ pace and if you need to repeat a lesson then you may do so. Delta is under General Math but is a stepping stone for learning more advanced math courses too. Delta is division using single and double digits. It also covers multiplication which she just completed and shows you how to complete long division which I know a lot of schools don’t teach anymore due to Common Core. This has been wonderful to see our daughter who hated math to see her love it!

Demme Learning Math U See Review
In each digital pack you will get:

  • 12 months access to Delta streaming lesson video.
  • Instruction Manual PDF’s.
  • Lessons which normally come as A-G so for example your child is doing lesson 12 it would be listed as 12A-12G.
  • Test Solutions (which I learned that after each lesson you are to give your child a test to see what they learned. I never realized this until Olivia was almost finished with Gamma.)
  • Other resources online for the lessons.
  • Plus you will receive 12 month access for the Math-U-See Manipulative’s online as well using Google Chrome or Safari Browsers.

Please note that Digital packs do not include the books with this pack. Everything is done either online or you have to print out each lesson onto paper. We were lucky enough to receive the books and tests to be able to review them as well and we love having them right in a book. I normally will just tear out each lesson a day for Olivia to work on. Some lessons for her a little more difficult to understand so I will normally allow her to work on 1 lesson for 2 days and will separate the pages of the lessons into two different days. This allows Olivia to work on that 1 lesson in two different days and helps with less meltdowns for her. The price of the Delta Digital Pack is $38.00 and the price of the student pack (books) is $40.00. Both have been a wonderful addition to Olivia’s learning and how she learns Math. If it was not for Math-U-See she probably wouldn’t like it…no Love it as much as she does.


The one thing that I love about Math-U-See products is that she will level up after she completes the 30 lessons. So normally we have it completed in a month or so just depending on her learning and understanding of each lesson. I love how with this product if your child hasn’t mastered the lessons or the knowledge then you can just redo it. I never thought that Olivia would ever master Gamma but she did and now she is mastering Delta! I am very pleased with this product and couldn’t recommend it enough to others whose child is struggling in math! I have even recommended this amazing product to my friends who has children in public schools. Anyone can learn math and the lessons put the math in ways we would have never thought to put them and allow the children to learn. Olivia said that she wants to continue to use Math-U-See from now until High School which is a plus considering just a year ago she hated math! Please check out Demme Learning’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts!


We were lucky enough to review this product from Demme Learning and from the Schoolhouse Review Crew!

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