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We love to homeschool and we love having the ability to use the internet and worksheets to continue with our teaching and learning while on the go. One thing that we were lucky enough to try is and we fell in love with the amount of worksheets and more to use for Olivia and her learning. I have printed off numerous worksheets for her math, reading, English and science and she loves doing these in addition to her own work we do out of her books. We have been using the 5th grade math for her to supplement her math and see how much she has been learning using the program we chose for her. Then we have been printing off grade 6 things for her to work on as well including in science. She is advanced in several subjects and we are just glad that we have the opportunity to teach her and watch her grow in her studies.

HelpTeaching Review has helped me out a lot when Olivia doesn’t understand one thing that I have taught her and I used these worksheets to help her learn. Doing other worksheets besides the ones that she uses daily has helped her a lot. She said that she feels like she is back in school with all her friends and she loves doing the sheets on her own outside of the classroom. I am very blessed to have been given the opportunity to use the Pro Plan from and to know that I am providing the best education for Olivia. While we have often talked about putting her back into a school with other children, we don’t feel this is the right thing for her. We feel that her learning at home is where she needs to be at this time. So having these extra tools to use with Olivia has been a blessing this year. I love using to make up little tests and such to use with her and to use games to help her in learning. Learning has always been a big deal for Olivia and teaching is what I am good at. Maybe I might not have the degree but that is OK. I have also used this site to download and print off material for my niece as well. So when she may not have homework for school and Olivia does, I feel like printing off something that Keali would enjoy too is perfect! I have been able to keep her busy while Olivia would be working on her own schoolwork. Another thing that I love about using this site is that it does have lessons.


You may be asking yourself what is the Pro Plan from and I am here to answer that for you. offers three different plans and I was lucky enough to review the Pro Plan. The three plans that are offered are Free, Pro and Group Pro. The Free Membership is free and you can use the test maker to create custom tests and worksheets unlimited and for the number of questions on your tests and worksheets on this plan would be up to 10 questions. The Pro Plan is $24.95 per year for teachers and parents and offers you unlimited amount of custom tests and worksheets, up to 100 questions on the tests and worksheets, use pictures with the questions, save your tests as PDF’s, Have unlimited online tests and unlimited online lessons for up to 500 students, and much more. Then the Group Pro plan is $199.95 per year for up to 30 users on the account. And includes everything the Pro Plan includes as well. As a member of the Pro Plan I have created several tests for Olivia to practice on to get her ready for her other tests she has to complete. One thing that I love is that I can add the questions and if I feel that I can’t think of another question I can add one that has been uploaded by another user. I have used many of the questions and Olivia has completed a few of the tests that I have given her. She loves it so much and I have them saved on our computer for us to continue to print out if she needs extra help. The Lessons are great for everyone because it has different lessons for everyone to enjoy. We did a lesson on Lakes for science one day and it was like I was watching a little girls eyes light up on the lesson. The worksheets and tests go from Kindergarten to 12th grade which I think is great because there is something for everyone on here. They even have common core items on here which is a great thing. There is something for everyone in your family using which I think is perfect!


HelpTeaching Review

I highly recommend and approve of this product to help any teacher or parent who is looking to add a supplement to their child’s learning. This has been a blessing to be able to use and I plan on continuing to use it for now. I was able to review this from as a part of Schoolhouse Review Crew! Please check out Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Twitter!


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