New Nebulizer…Yes!

So we have had our nebulizer for over 20 years and it has lasted us many years of use but now it’s time for a new one. I am currently sharing the only one we have with my nephew because it’s the only thing we have. But I have decided to order one on my own through a home healthcare dealer online and I should be receiving it this week! I’m so grateful that we are able to purchase one without a prescription because it is needed big time. Plus it’s going to be a lot smaller than the original one we have. The one we have now is a PulmoNeb and it’s big and kind of clunky. But the new one I decided to order is an upgraded version of the PulmoNeb and a lot smaller! Biggest thing is I paid less than $50 for it! And since the original one lasted a good 20 plus years, I decided to stick with the same brand as before. I felt that it was a better deal for us and am glad that I will have it in a few short days!

Plus if Olivia ever needs it we would have one as well. I think that the deal we got was perfect!

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