Black Friday Deals, Christmas

Black Friday Shopping

While I didn’t go out first thing in the morning yesterday for Black Friday, I did happen to get on board with several deals for Olivia. She has been wanting a phone for Christmas since a lot of kids seem to have them already, but we just don’t think it’s time to get her one. So instead we talked about it and we decided to get her an iPod Touch 16gb. We searched all morning for the best deal and we found that Best Buy had a really good deal and since we were in Fayetteville that afternoon, we decided to take our chances and go in and see if they still had one and the color we were looking for. Well they had several left but not the color she wanted so we got the next color which was pink. She should enjoy that one. We just need to get a protective cover for it and an iTunes gift card for her to use. She also stated she wanted the Disney Infinity Star Wars 3.0 edition and they had a pretty good deal on one so we got her one for the XBOX 360. She should be pretty excited about that. We are going to look for a deal on a few of the Star Wars Characters to go along with it to put under the tree this year. We always get her one big gift of the year and figured that the iPod would serve as that this year.

She also was needing a new winter coat this year and so my dad told me about the sale that The Children’s Place was having and I looked online to see if they had any in her size. They had one still in stock and so I grabbed that because it was normally $70 that I only paid $34 for so that was a steal for a 3-in-1 winter coat. This should last her for the next two years. Her last one from The Children’s Place lasted her almost 4 years so this one should last a while for her. We have just a few more gifts to get her and she will be fully shopped for. Then we will go ahead and get the other members in the family what they want or need. Especially for the kids. So this year will be a good year for everyone!

I already got Jason part of his present which was an XBOX One that he has been wanting. We picked it up at Costco which had the cheapest price around at only $269.99!! And picked up the Battlefront Game for it as well. I allowed him to go ahead and use it since it will be going on the road with him in his truck. He should be very happy with that present. So it looks like everyone is getting what they want this year!

What have you started getting for your kids or are you already done with the shopping?

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