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Ozeri Touch 440lb Total Body Bathroom Scale Review

Since I have started to run, I have thankfully lost over 60+ pounds but that hasn’t stopped me there. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to tell my weight, unless going to the doctors to see what I weighed. I have been looking at numerous scales in the stores but yet none of them looked like what I was looking for. I will say though I have found the perfect scale for myself and my family! I am most likely going to be flying soon and will have to weigh my bag for a week and I am hoping that I do not have to deal with a heavy bag, but using this scale will help me tremendously!

I received in the mail about a week ago the Ozeri Touch 440lb Total Body Bathroom Scale to review and ever since I set it up, I have been in love with it! It was very easy to set up in fact and I have used it everyday! I get up and check my weight in the morning and just in the week that I have had it, I have managed to lose a total of 10lbs! Say what? I think it’s knowing that I can see the results of my weight loss journey and this means that I can continue to lose the weight that I need to lose! This scale has some of the most amazing things on it such as it can measure my body fat, water weight, and more. I like having those things available to me to see but honestly I also don’t need to watch them. The BMI I do need to watch and I am happy to say it has been going down since I first started using the scale because I am able to see my weight loss results. I am happy with this scale even though I wish I could see it be zero before stepping on the scale. Either way I will continue to move on my weight loss journey and see the results on the scale! You can order your on Amazon for only $39.95! This would be a perfect addition to a runner or anyone who is looking to stay fit during the holiday’s!

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own and I only review on products that I have used or services personally.

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