Ear Infection Again…

I swear, this will never end no matter how many tubes we have in Olivia’s ears. Yesterday Olivia kept complaining about feeling like she was going to be sick and I thought it was her doing her normal drama that we go through about once a week now. Gotta love girls who have crazy hormones going on. But she then started saying that the room was spinning and that both ears were hurting. We were supposed to be leaving to head to Greenville for an appointment she had and she was supposed to have gymnastics last night. Well that all came to a stand still when she said she was dizzy and I knew it was her ears and she had vertigo. Not a fun combination to have at all. So I called the place for her appointment and rescheduled it. Then it was a call to the ENT to let them know what was going on and they called in her ear drops to put in for 7 days 2x a day. So this is loads of fun and yet we are hoping she starts to feel better soon.

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